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Mia-Platform Academy provides a rich program of courses ranging from technology to business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Academy work?
    Mia-Platform Academy provides paid classes and courses about Cloud-Native technologies and processes, improving professional know-how, skills, and competencies.
  • How do I take an Academy course?
    Classes will be taught both in person and online. At the end of each learning path, there is an exam to validate your improvements. 
  • Do I receive anything after I complete a course?
    Certifications prove your knowledge of Cloud-Native topics and your tech or sales skills of Mia-Platform's solution. Get solid expertise to solve any problems related to the evolution of Cloud Native technologies. 
  • What do I need during Academy classes?
    We provide all the learning materials. For online classes, you only need a device (we recommend a laptop) to follow the lessons.
  • How do I get the certification?
    Each class has its exams to validate the candidate’s acquired capabilities. All the certifications have a 2-years validity period. You can certify as many people as you want. 
  • What are the advantages that I gain as a company?
    You have access to Mia-Platform Partner Program with top earning potential and limitless benefits.

A company with a registered office in Italy can cover part of the training costs with tax breaks (click here for more info).